A Guide to Choosing MMA Training Gloves

When you are training for mixed martial arts, you use your hands a lot with makes them very vulnerable to injury seeing that most of the training requires punches to levelled against an opponent or even training bad or mitts. To protects the hands those who train for MMA use gloves and the gloves come in different shapes, sizes and weight depending on the purpose of the gloves. Therefore if you are looking to buy the right MMA gloves for your training and fights, here is a simple guide.

Training gloves need to be heavier compared to what you use in the ring. This is because when you use heavier gloves during training, you train your hands to deliver punches fast despite the resistance that comes from the weight of the gloves. If you can manage to deliver blows fast using heavy gloves at training, then there is a very high likelihood that you will be even faster with the fighting or pro gloves in the ring. This works to your advantage because it increases your chances of winning.

When hitting bags and mitts, you need to have gloves that have sufficient padding. The extra padding in the gloves serves to protect your hands from any injury that might occur as a result of the impact of hitting the bag. Were the gloves with minimum padding you would have probably hurt your hands as you trained. Know more at this website!

Sparring gloves are the loves that you use when training with an opponent. Remember in sparring you are not fighting so nobody needs to get hurt which is why the gloves that you use have extra padding. The padding in sparring gloves and not just meant to protect you but to protect your opponent as well. During sparring your aim is not to take out your opponent but to perfect your technique in a situation that is closely similar to what takes place in the ring.

Fighting or pro gloves are those that are used during the fight. These are different from the gloves used in training; whereas those used in training are heavy and have a lot of padding, these gloves are very light, have minimal padding and are compact. These features make them perfect for fights because the hand moves faster and each blow that is delivered is meant to hurt the opponent hence the minimal padding, view website!

There is a good number of MMA training and fighting gloves, and these are just a few of the commonly used gloves. Now that you know them you can comfortably embark on buying the right gloves.

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